Local to Romandy (French: Romandie or Suisse romande), we are a service striving to connect newcomers as soon as possible to the highly diverse local treasures. Avoid the admin headaches and save your energy for adventure. You should be exploring the mountains, not the government's website! 

Unlocking Switzerland


Have you figured out your work and residence permit yet?

 we will support you in communicating with the government on your behalf.


From kindergarten to higher education, we will orient you on the best fits for you and your family.


All you need to know on how to navigate the Swiss system for your insurance, transport, housing and groceries


There is so much to discover in Switzerland! We will give you our very best local tips, and connect you with local and sustainable businesses to make the most of your stay.

How we help you

Our workshop will give you a clear idea of all the necessary steps to take care of the essentials. With a detailed manual and checklist at your disposal, you will be equipped to embark on a stress-free journey to established residency.

But information alone is not enough. After you figure out which items on your checklist will be a challenge, our follow-up calls will make sure you get all the help you need: whether it is with writing an email in French, clarifying case-specific issues, or getting familiar with the region.

At the end of your Romandique coaching sessions, you will have all the necessary tools to settle comfortably and confidently into your new life. Additionally, by joining a group workshop you will get a chance to meet other newcomers facing similar challenges - Welcome to Switzerland!

Our mission:
Providing solutions for a socially responsible expatriation

How it happens

  • By pooling local initiatives for sustainable goods and services, we can provide newcomers a full list of tools for a socially responsible lifestyle. 

We focus on smaller scale businesses that offer an ethical alternative to everyday life solutions, whether it be groceries or housing.

  • By subscribing to their services, you are supporting a network of locals that may otherwise not reach you as a customer before you speak French or exit the "expat bubble" consumption circuit. 

  • By hosting workshops with admin support and French language help, we are bringing you closer to your goal: a stress-free integration and the tools to easily interact with locals. Help us strengthen the Swiss social fabric!

Key concepts


The nickname "expats" used to only apply to expatriated employees who arrive to a new country with a predetermined length of stay. Today, the term applies to a lot of foreign workers who find themselves in a new professional setting and may or may not settle permanently

The "expat bubble"

Breaking a language barrier is a long and energy consuming process.  A lot of companies have streamlined the process to provide newcomers with pre-made packages for services. Unfortunately this sometimes leads to creating a parallel market for expats that excludes small local businesses from a dynamic customer pool. 

Responsible consumption

Consumption can fulfill many goals beyond the immediate transaction. By mindfully choosing your service providers, you can support local businesses that are committed to ethical causes such as fair compensation or environmental protection.

What we strive for:

Recycled Paper

Of French and Mexican heritage, I was born in Switzerland but moved away to Mexico at a young age. When settling back in Geneva for my studies, I found myself empathising with a lot of fellow newcomers who had a hard time finding the right information to organise their stay and to build a social life from scratch.


It has now been eight years of hearing the same frustrations across the board within the "expat" community. Enough is enough! No one should have to rely on chance encounters or late night forum foraging to find the right information from the start.

Take a shortcut with us!


Looking forward to being part of your adventure,

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A word from the founder

Alix Giboulot

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