The key to your new life in Switzerland

Romandique is an expat orientation and relocation association in Western Switzerland (cantons of Geneva, Vaud and French border). Enjoy workshops and personalised counsel on administrative tasks: save time and break the language barrier :)


We provide:

  • A comprehensive guide to your arrival in Switzerland

  • Personalised guidance & support with administrative tasks 

  • Targeted, practical French lessons and worksheets to accelerate your integration

  • Easy and affordable access to sustainable lifestyle options



"I had lived 3 years in Switzerland when I switched companies. Romandique supported me in leaving my canton and negotiating my end of lease."


Our service combines:

How it works


An advisor will walk you through all useful details according to your specific situation:

  • Admin basics : Permit, transport, insurance, accommodation


  • Daily life: everything from groceries to culture 


We then discuss your main current challenges and devise a personalised support plan.


Pro tip: choose the group option to make new contacts!

Personal assistance

After following the workshop you may organise two video calls with your coach during which you can discuss obstacles that you have faced since the workshop. In these calls, we can:

  • Help you write admin emails/letters in French

  • Give you further advice or information about your current struggles

  • Hold targeted French lessons and prepare customised worksheets

Switzerland concentrates a wealth of sustainable and local initiatives. Don't let the language barrier get between you and Swiss innovation!

Romandique is committed to letting you in on the most sustainable products and services for your new lifestyle.

Read more on our mission for socially responsible expatriation here: 

Committed to Swiss innovation

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